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Xbox Controller: Platform Shooter Right Stick Mouse Aim

A quick example for a user on the forums.  In this example the movement of a platform character is controller by the left stick while the right stick is used to aim (like mouse aim).  The character will always face in the direction of aiming.



Mario Style Coinbox

Here’s a basic example of a Mario style coinbox.  This is the type of box that you’d jump at from underneath and bump your head on and a coin comes out of the top.

HTML5 Demo


  • Left & Right Arrows – Move
  • Up Arrow – Jump


Platform – Water Example 1

A quick example of  water in a platform game.  Water is handled in lots of different ways in platform games but this is one way you could implement it in your game.



SHIFT – Jump (when on platform and watertop)

LEFT ARROW – Move Left

RIGHT ARROW – Move Right

UP ARROW – Move Up (only in water)