Point Towards Position On 2 Different Layers

Made for a user on the forums this example shows how to make an arrow point towards another object.  While this may seem pretty trivial the two objects are on 2 different layers with 2 different parallax settings.

The example makes use of the System Expressions LayerToCanvasX and LayerToCanvasY.



Xbox Controller: Platform Shooter Right Stick Mouse Aim

A quick example for a user on the forums.  In this example the movement of a platform character is controller by the left stick while the right stick is used to aim (like mouse aim).  The character will always face in the direction of aiming.


Array: Copy Values From One Array To Another – No Repeat

Created for a user on the forums but never actually posted because I was ninja’d.

This example has an array of names, each time space bar is pressed, a random name is chosen and moved to a new array.  That name is then removed from the original array so the names are never repeated.