Let’s Look At: Random Numbers

This is something a little different from my usual examples.  I’m going to take you through Construct 2’s random number expressions, how they work and how we can manipulate them to our advantage when creating a game.

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8 Direction Movement With Gamepad – Twin Stick Version

While working on a personal project I was thinking about the control scheme.  It was going to be an 8 Directional shooter with Twin Stick controls.  I came up with 2 versions so I though I’d share them here.

The example has 2 groups that hold the events.  Simply activate one and deactivate the other to try each version.

Type 1 – You move with left stick but always face the direction the right stick is/was held in.

Type 2This is my preferred version.  You can move with left stick and you always face the direction of movement until you use the right stick when you’ll face in the right stick direction but move in any direction.


Detect Sword Hits With Image Points

Another older example that I never posted here.  Created for a user on the forums it shows how you can use image points rather than detector sprites for detecting sword hits on an enemy.  This is useful if you use sword swing animations rather than a sword object in your game.  It can of course be used in other situations.


8 Direction Movement With Gamepad

Realised I hadn’t posted this.  So here it is.  Created for a user on the forums this is an example of 8 direction movement using the left thumbstick on a Gamepad.  The user was creating multiple conflicting actions where as this example uses only 4 actions.

HTML5 Demo

Note you’ll have to press a button on the Gamepad for it it start detecting the gamepad input.  It’s a browser thing not a Construct bug/problem.


Auto Tiling Using Bitwise Numbers

This is an example of how you can use “Bitwise Numbers”, a tilemap and an array in Construct 2 to automatically tile a level for you.

The example is based on my old Construct Classic tutorial which can be found on my old tutorials blog HERE and is based on a wonderful post by Salt on his blog.  I recommend giving the blog post a read before opening the .capx as it explains the basics really well.

You can try the HTML5 Demo.

Use left click to place a tile, right click to remove, hold shift & left mouse button and drag to tile a rectangular area.