Dead Links

As you can see there hasn’t been any updates on the site for ages.  All the previews and example links are completely dead.  So I’ve zipped together all the examples that you can find on here into one zip file.


I hope the examples help someone out as they were intended to.




Point Towards Position On 2 Different Layers

Made for a user on the forums this example shows how to make an arrow point towards another object.  While this may seem pretty trivial the two objects are on 2 different layers with 2 different parallax settings.

The example makes use of the System Expressions LayerToCanvasX and LayerToCanvasY.


Array: Copy Values From One Array To Another – No Repeat

Created for a user on the forums but never actually posted because I was ninja’d.

This example has an array of names, each time space bar is pressed, a random name is chosen and moved to a new array.  That name is then removed from the original array so the names are never repeated.


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