drag & drop – dropped in correct place

A quick example for someone on the forums of how you can check if an object with “drag & drop” behaviour is dropped onto the correct object/position.  There a 2 ways of doing this in the example:

  1. Checks if the 2 objects “animation frames” are equal to each other – (toggled disabled)
  2. Checks if the 2 objects “local variables” are equal to each other

The example also displays text to show if you did or didn’t place the object in the correct place.



New examples will use latest “stable” release

As the title says from now on all examples will need the latest “stable” Construct 2 release.  This should be better for everyone who either can’t keep up with the beta releases or prefers to only use the stable release branch.

I think that the latest “stable” should open all of the examples previously posted.  If you find one that won’t open leave a comment and I’ll fix it straight away.