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Xbox Controller: Platform Shooter Right Stick Mouse Aim

A quick example for a user on the forums.  In this example the movement of a platform character is controller by the left stick while the right stick is used to aim (like mouse aim).  The character will always face in the direction of aiming.



8 Direction Movement With Gamepad – Twin Stick Version

While working on a personal project I was thinking about the control scheme.  It was going to be an 8 Directional shooter with Twin Stick controls.  I came up with 2 versions so I though I’d share them here.

The example has 2 groups that hold the events.  Simply activate one and deactivate the other to try each version.

Type 1 – You move with left stick but always face the direction the right stick is/was held in.

Type 2This is my preferred version.  You can move with left stick and you always face the direction of movement until you use the right stick when you’ll face in the right stick direction but move in any direction.